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‘War Machine’ magazine

By Rob Morgan For me, the 1980s were a lean time, as a wargamer. Marriage, the kids, promotion, moving house, again, all took a toll of my interests. That’s why I didn’t buy War Machine, the 25-page themed magazine from … Continue reading

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Found: ‘Scale Models’ magazines

By Rob Morgan “I’ve got something here might interest you,” said my friend in the Oxfam charity shop: a pile of magazines from the late 1960s and, as they say on the TV antiques programmes, immaculate. Most were model railway … Continue reading

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Review of Tabletop Gaming magazine, Issue 7

Jonathan Aird reviews the latest issue of the magazine, which has announced it is going to a six-issues a year schedule. It’s on the Reviews page.

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A sample article for the New Year

This month’s sample article from the pages of past Lone Warrior issues is different. It’s a blast from the very recent past; in fact, this sample article is from the current edition of the magazine. Usually, the samples go back … Continue reading

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It’s not tat – it’s terrain

By Jonathan Aird As I travel around, I like to glance through the wares available from the gaudier tourist souvenir vendors. I have found they are, as often as not, veritable gold mines for cheap terrain. Not only are there … Continue reading

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PBEM Golan Heights 1973 wargame campaign

By Nic Birt I have created a wargames campaign for the Golan Heights battles of the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The campaign webpage is: One form of ‘solo’ wargaming I’m keen to develop is PBEM (play by email) … Continue reading

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Games and brains

By Marvin Scott The cover of the July 2016 Scientific American caught my eye. Its cover story was “Better Brains from Games: shooting zombies isn’t mindless fun; action games can enhance mental skills.” Inside on pages 26-31, an article classified … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just have to buy it!

By Rob Morgan “Ever heard of this?” the lady in the Oxfam shop asked, handing me a small A5 green binder, priced at only £1.99. Oh, yes, I had! Airfix Magazine began publication in June 1960, when I was just … Continue reading

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A familiar name, in print

In recent years, John Curry’s History of Wargaming Project has re-published many of the original, classic books on wargaming. The Project’s latest publication is one of Donald Featherstone’s works, titled “Wargames Through the Ages, Vol. 1: A Wargaming Guide to … Continue reading

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Review of the ‘new’ War Game Digest (1971)

Rich Barbuto reviews another older publication from a less-well-known founder of modern wargaming, Jack Scruby. In his latest version of “The War Game Digest,” Jack provides his thoughts on launching another publication for war gamers, reviews the history of the … Continue reading

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