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Feedback on No. 175?

Now that Lone Warrior magazine, No. 175, has either arrived in subscribers’ hands or soon will  arrive (I got mine on Wednesday), how about some feedback from the readership? Likes, dislikes, comments, questions for the authors of articles, or anything … Continue reading

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What are three of your favorite blogs or sites?

I spend a lot of time reading through wargaming blogs and sites on the computer. Here are the addresses of two wargaming blogs and a newsletter that I—and apparently many others—read regularly. There are other blogs that are colorful and clever, but … Continue reading

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What’s new — Table of Contents for No. 175

With the new issue of Lone Warrior magazine at the printer, the Table of Contents for that issue, No. 175, has now been added to the Sample Articles page. You can find the list of No. 175’s articles and authors in the … Continue reading

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Why do you solo?

I have just returned from my yearly pilgrimage to the Bayou Wars wargaming convention in New Orleans—which was another unqualified success, by the way. As a confirmed solo wargamer, I am forced to ask myself why I feel compelled to … Continue reading

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What’s new — New sample article

A new sample article is now posted to the Sample Articles page. This article is a set of rules for running a solo World War II ground skirmish game, set in the Pacific theater. The article is from the April-June 2005 … Continue reading

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