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Reviews of ‘War Games Through the Ages’ books

Paul Le Long reviews a four-volume set of books by Donald Featherstone, “War Games Through the Ages,” with each volume focusing on a different historical era. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Review of ‘Secrets of Wargames Design’ book

Rich Barbuto looks at a book that compiles many of the design ideas of the late Wally Simon, “Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design, Vol. 1.” It’s on the Reviews page.

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What’s new — More digital back issues available & more TOCs

Lone Warrior Editor Rich Barbuto advises that he now has even more digital back issues available. Available issues now include magazine Numbers 109-170. The Tables of Contents of the magazine also have been expanded to include the issues so far … Continue reading

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Colored models for ‘Fighting Rules for Sailing Ships’

By Mike Crane A few years ago I was reading through the Aubrey-Maturin novels by Patrick O’Brian. If you have not read the books, perhaps you have seen the movie, Master and Commander, which starred Russell Crowe and was based … Continue reading

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More science fiction warships

By Rob Morgan The photo of the large brown vessel shown here is a 1/600th CSS Louisiana, which I described in Lone Warrior magazine No. 144 as “Titan,” an unsinkable wooden man o’ war. This is her at her most … Continue reading

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A different approach

Jeff Chorney investigates wargaming as Kriegspiel. It’s on the Miscellaneous page.

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Review of ‘The Best of Board Wargaming’ book

Jonathan Aird reviews another blast-from-the-past book, this one a 1980 review of many of the board games then available. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Refighting Gaugamela

Chris Hahn reports on his re-fight of Alexander’s great victory at Gaugamela, using the Hail Caesar rules. It’s on the Miscellaneous page

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Another one bites the dust

(Rob Morgan submits the following report.) A July review note from Paul Le Long on Phil Olley’s Classic Wargames Journal made the publication seem right up my street. So I dropped Phil a line and enclosed a cheque. Sadly, back … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Fantasy Wargaming’ book

Paul Le Long reviews a 1990 book on gaming in the realm of fantasy. It’s on the Reviews page.

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