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AAR on ‘The Battle of Adobe Walls’

Godfrey Bailey provides a report on his solo experience with the board game, “The Battle of Adobe Walls.” The historical battle was a clash between U.S. cavalry and American Indians that occurred in 1864. The report is on the Miscellaneous … Continue reading

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Review of ancient ship books

Rob Morgan reviews a pair of books about ancient naval warfare, one about the Roman navy, the other about the much larger galleys (polyremes) of the Later Hellenistic period. They’re on the Reviews page.

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Review of Trojan War books

Jonathan Aird reviews a fictional trilogy on the Trojan War. It’s on the Reviews page.

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What’s new — TOCs updated

Lone Warrior journal editor Rich Barbuto has updated the 2010-2014 Tables of Contents for the journal. The list now includes contents through current issue No. 187 (July-August 2014). The update is on the Back Issues and Tables of Contents page.

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Some CC:N (Napoleonics) heresy

By George Arnold “Commands & Colors: Napoleonics” is a great board game in its own right. Naturally, I had to fiddle with it. If you read on-line comments about the game, new players are forever suggesting, based on just a … Continue reading

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Review of ‘The Korean War 1950-53’ (Osprey)

Paul Le Long reviews an Osprey on “The Korean War 1950-53.” It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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By Rob Morgan British WWII wargamers will for the next weeks have the chance of a 20mm German AFV of exceptional rarity and at a very decent price. The magazine Military Vehicles Issue Number 12 is available from most large … Continue reading

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Review of ‘A Dog Before a Soldier’ book

Rob Morgan reviews a book detailing some lesser known actions by the Union navy during the American Civil War. He calls it “a remarkable ACW naval book.” It’s on the Reviews page.

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Review of Hotwheels — The Tumbler model

Jonathan Aird reviews a model of Batman’s other car, The Tumbler, and finds it worthwhile for some gaming uses. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Some interesting words about games, rules

By George Arnold One of the other blogs I find well worth keeping up with is Rob Cordery’s Wargaming Miscellany. Here. A day or so ago, I was especially struck by some words of wisdom from one of Rob’s regular … Continue reading

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