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Review of ‘Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry & Dragoon Tactics’

Paul Le Long reviews a recent Osprey publication in their Elite series. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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Germanicophobia …

… Or, A Solo Wargamer Immerses Himself in Impetvs By Chris Hahn What happens when 1,050 points of Germans and 800 points of Early Imperial Romans are deployed on a six-by-four-foot table? Drawing on some years of experience, I imagine … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Napoleon’s Overseas Army’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan discusses a 1989 Osprey on an often neglected subject, “Napoleon’s Overseas Army.” It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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Review of ‘Congo Merc’ board game

Godfrey Bailey plays a scenario and reviews the board game “Congo Merc: The Congo 1964” and provides examples of some additional, useful counters he has made for the game. It’s all on the Reviews page.

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Review of ‘Armies of the German Peasants’ War’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan provides a detailed look at an Osprey Men-at-Arms series book on the “Armies of the German Peasants’ War 1524-1526.” It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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More on ACW naval matters

Rob Morgan provides some additional photos and comments on models available for American Civil War naval gaming, all supplementing his article on the subject in the latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 187. It’s on the Miscellaneous page.

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A Katyusha!

By Rob Morgan The Military Machines magazine/model range, which recently produced a superb 1/72nd scale Sturmtiger for £5.99, has just issued another “one off,” but very useful model in the range, and at the same price. It’s a 1942 Katyusha rocket … Continue reading

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Review of ‘The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin’ (Osprey)

Paul Le Long provides a look at a less common period for gamers, “The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin.” It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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July’s sample article

This month’s sample article from past Lone Warrior magazines is a description of Craig Dunglison’s system for using decoy cards and scouting in his solo campaigns. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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No. 187 hits the mailbox

PDF copies having already been dispatched, my hard copy of Lone Warrior No. 187 appeared in my mailbox today — always a happy occasion! Here’s the Table of Contents: “The Crossroads at Clarendon” by Chris Hahn; “Combat Air Patrol” by … Continue reading

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