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Review of ‘The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan reviews an early Osprey (from 1982) on a wide-ranging topic, “The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries.” It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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Spanish slings and stone throwers

By Rob Morgan I was reading a long article on Spain’s early modern (or as I like to call it, Renaissance!) period soldiers in an old issue of War in History (Vol 9 (i), 2002, Pp. 1-38) by Lorraine White. … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution’ book

Mike Crane reviews a resource book on the “Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution.” It’s filled with illustrations, from detailed ship drawings to charts and weapons. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Sometimes, you just have to buy it!

By Rob Morgan “Ever heard of this?” the lady in the Oxfam shop asked, handing me a small A5 green binder, priced at only £1.99. Oh, yes, I had! Airfix Magazine began publication in June 1960, when I was just … Continue reading

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‘Kamikaze Attack’ battle report

Jonathan Aird does an AAR using rules by Mike Crane and Paul Le Long from a previous issue of Lone Warrior magazine. It’s on the Miscellaneous page.

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On holiday photographs

By Rob Morgan I’m currently preparing for our annual week’s holiday in France, Brittany this time, the eastern bit, where Patton’s army broke out in 1944. I will, of course, take my camera. Old fashioned, I still pack one and … Continue reading

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A sample article for August

This month’s sample article from the pages of past Lone Warrior issues is by Paul Le Long and illustrates his ideas for playing a game without rules, using a “fate chart” and an ongoing narrative. It works! The article is … Continue reading

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Site maintenance advisory for Aug. 5

The company that hosts the Lone Warrior blog web site informs that it will be doing some internal maintenance later today and the blog may experience some interruption of service during that time. The work will be done between 8 … Continue reading

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A familiar name, in print

In recent years, John Curry’s History of Wargaming Project has re-published many of the original, classic books on wargaming. The Project’s latest publication is one of Donald Featherstone’s works, titled “Wargames Through the Ages, Vol. 1: A Wargaming Guide to … Continue reading

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The agonies and joys of play-testing

By Mike Crane Okay, I admit it. There is much to be said for writing your own rules and making up your own games. But, there are a lot of agonies involved in play-testing those rules. First, every set of … Continue reading

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