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Review of ‘BT Fast Tank’ (Osprey)

Jonathan Aird reviews a 2016 Osprey on a 1930s Soviet light tank design. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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‘A Splendid Failure’

By Rob Morgan The neglected Confederate ironclad CSS Georgia is given the above sad title in a six-page illustrated article by M. Blackburn, pages 44-49, in the September-October issue of the U.S.-produced magazine Archaeology. The wreck of the warship has … Continue reading

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Games and brains

By Marvin Scott The cover of the July 2016 Scientific American caught my eye. Its cover story was “Better Brains from Games: shooting zombies isn’t mindless fun; action games can enhance mental skills.” Inside on pages 26-31, an article classified … Continue reading

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Murat, King of Naples

By Rob Morgan This photo is of a 54mm-scale model I bought recently in The Works bargain bookshop locally. The same model and a half dozen others, Napoleonic Polish and French cavalrymen, are to be found in the hundred or … Continue reading

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Holiday 2016 – Pill boxes, pill boxes, pill boxes

By Jonathan Aird Taking up the challenge from Rob Morgan to share interesting holiday snaps with a military history slant – I had a very pleasant week on a narrow boat this year, travelling on the Kennet & Avon Canal. … Continue reading

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A gun crew in action

By Rob Morgan At first sight, this painting might seem to portray a Federal gun crew coming into action in the American Civil War, but it’s far from that continent and that war. The gunners depicted here are Danish, and … Continue reading

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Review of ‘The Men Who Would Be Kings’ rules

Paul Le Long reviews a colonial big-skirmish set of rules by the author of “Lion Rampant” and “Dragon Rampant” rules. The new review is on the Reviews page, as are earlier reviews of the Rampant rules.

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Call for the cavalry!

By Rob Morgan This was an article in Minerva, the archaeological journal (often with a decent nugget or two for the ancient and classical wargamer) in the May/June 2016 issue (pp. 8-11) in its Roman Military History series, in this … Continue reading

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A sample article for October

This month’s sample article from the pages of Lone Warrior magazine is by George Arnold and features his tweaking of the Commands and Colors game rules and the description of a tabletop battle using the rules. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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