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A solar system for wargamers?

By Rob Morgan The scientific name for this is an Orrery, but as this is largely plastic and less than mechanical, I won’t be pedantic. I still operate on the principle founded by the late Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, one of … Continue reading

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Uboot kickstarter

By Kevin Duke Are you following the UBOOT: The Boardgame kickstarter? It looks like a real a “deep dive” into the tactics and operations of the U-boats in early World War 2. This cooperative game puts 1-4 players in key … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Sturmartillerie – Spearhead of the Infantry’ (Osprey)

Jonathan Aird reviews a recent Osprey full-sized book on the German Sturmartillerie of World War II. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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No Contraband!

By Rob Morgan I originally wrote this for the Naval Wargames Society’s Newsletter. But it may be of interest to US readers of the blog. (“No Contraband!” is the motto on a German World War I commemorative medal issued for … Continue reading

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A sample article for February

Here’s a sample article from the pages of past Lone Warrior journals. This one is from Kevin White, who has designed a solo game featuring an Old West theme, with a wagon train, U.S. cavalry and hostile Indians. It’s on … Continue reading

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