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Battle of Britain rules added

Mike Crane provides his original set of air combat rules for the Battle of Britain, including 3D paper airplane models. It’s on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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More tat? More terrain!

By Jonathan Aird Once more I have found that I have had to face up to that greatest of perils that a wargamer may face – the mild scorn of one’s loved ones. The main reason for a recent holiday … Continue reading

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‘Kokoda Trail’ rules added

Kevin White authored this set of skirmish rules for World War II jungle combat that originally appeared in Lone Warrior. The rules are on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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What’s new — A new page on the blog

Today marks the debut of a new page on the blog, titled “Complete Rule Sets.” The page will be a permanent place for rule sets that have been provided over the years by contributors to this blog and to Lone … Continue reading

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Warships and accessories

By Rob Morgan In the local model shop, I found two packs of 1/700th Hasegawa ‘Water-Line’ series accessories. I’ve often mentioned the Hasegawa ‘Tugger’ set of small vessels suitable for conversion as armed auxiliaries in many periods of modern naval … Continue reading

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A sample article for August

Here’s a sample article for this month. It’s titled “Notes From a Naval Wargamer” and was written by Jeffrey G. Chorney. The article first appeared in Lone Warrior issue No. 197. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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Steam Punk and the USS Galena

By Rob Morgan The USS Galena gunboat design was not one of the great successes of the Federal Navy, I’ll admit. Attractive, of course, with the awesome tumble home and quite powerfully armed as, essentially, a broadside ironclad. Never destined … Continue reading

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