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A blast from the past

Here’s an article from the blog’s archives, written by Kevin White back in April 2012. In it, Kevin discusses his personal experiences with wargaming from a young age and specifically how and why he began solo gaming. Kevin’s article is … Continue reading

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20mm Austrian WWI plastic figures review

Rob Morgan likes this HaT set of figures and finds a number of ways that they can be useful in gaming. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Solo wargames articles in other publications

By Rob Morgan In several of the diverse publications, newsletters and the few e-blogs, etc., for which I write, members regularly send in news of the publication of articles specific to the relevant field of interest. Castle and ordnance enthusiasts … Continue reading

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‘Prince Emsah’s Guard’ rules

Here’s another entry for the  Complete Rule Sets page. These rules are by Bob Stewart and involve a search of a mummy’s tomb. It’s all played out with simple rules — suitable for play with the kiddos — and uses simple … Continue reading

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French postcards

By Rob Morgan This summer, staying in the walled medieval town of Dinan in Brittany, I had the opportunity to wander around some of the medieval-oriented bookshops and, in a tiny courtyard shop found a range of postcards, all with … Continue reading

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Gaming the Northfield bank robbery (1876)

This month’s sample article from past issues of Lone Warrior magazine is an old one, from 1988! It’s by long-time contributor Marvin Scott and has notes and suggestions for gaming the Northfield, Minnesota, bank raid by the James and Younger … Continue reading

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Who remembers “A Game of War?’

By Rob Morgan Sorting through some ancient videotapes, destined for disposal, I found, along with the kids’ “Postman Pat” and”My Little Pony,” a long forgotten and damaged tape. In my own barely legible hand it reads…. “A Game of War”  … Continue reading

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