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ACW ironclad rules added

Here’s another addition to the Complete Rule Sets page, “Virginia vs. Monitor.” Mike Crane’s original rules can be played out on a square grid, featuring the first clash of ironclads during the American Civil War. The rules are on the … Continue reading

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Table of Contents updated

The Table of Contents for Lone Warrior has been updated to include all the issues for 2018 and the first issue for 2019. The update is on the Back Issues and Tables of Contents page.

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New rule set: ‘Bombs Away’

Here’s another rule set from past issues of Lone Warrior. This one is by Kevin White and is titled “Bombs Away.” It’s a set of rules depicting the British bombing campaign over Europe in World War II. All you need to … Continue reading

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Spanish Royal troops 1898

By Rob Morgan My colleague and friend Jaime de Miguel of Madrid sent these photos to me: Spanish soldiers of the 1898 war with the USA, at a recent re-enactment. The kit is attractive, the rayadillo striped blue and white … Continue reading

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The ‘Pulemet Maksima’ 1910 Machine Gun

By Rob Morgan My favourite machine gun! It had the longest production run of any of the numerous Maxim versions made, and was made in vast numbers. I’ve not encountered an estimate for the numbers manufactured but someone else may … Continue reading

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Another issue of Lone Warrior is coming soon

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is in the final stages of production and will be e-mailed to subscribers soon. As usual, here’s a preview of the contents to increase the anticipation. “Editorial” by Rich Barbuto. Our editor has some … Continue reading

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A sample article for December

This month’s sample article is an oldie, from Lone Warrior No. 27. It’s by the late Wally Simon and reviews his ideas for limiting the ability of a solo wargamer to favor one side or the other, a prime need … Continue reading

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