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WWII naval rules added

Kevin White provides a set of fast-play naval rules for World War II. They’re on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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‘Miniature Parade’ from 1968 reproduced

Rich Barbuto provides a digital copy of Jack Scruby’s “Miniature Parade” from October 1968. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Review of medieval artillery figures

Rob Morgan reviews a useful set of 1/72 plastic figures, depicting medieval artillery and gunners. It’s on the Reviews page.

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A sample article for the New Year

This month’s sample article from the pages of Lone Warrior is an innovative way by Steve Turner to create random terrain for wargame battles, especially for ongoing campaigns. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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Upcoming Friday Insights

By Rob Morgan These short, free talks continue to be held at the London-based National Army Museum. During January to March 2019, sadly, only a few seem to have material to offer the wargamer. 11th January: ‘The Last Cavalry … Continue reading

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