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Eaglewall ship models remembered

By Rob Morgan Anyone remember them? They were among the first ever plastic wargames ship models in 1/1200th scale, back in the early 1960s. Many, and I mean many, of the wargames and modelling magazines around since then have carried … Continue reading

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IJNS Mikasa — The last survivor

By Rob Morgan Take a look at the photograph. The admiral on a plinth is Admiral Togo,  the only naval commander in the 20th century to have fought two fleet actions with battleships and won both. The warship behind him … Continue reading

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A sample article on solo tank battles

This month’s sample article from the pages of Lone Warrior is a description of solo adaptions to augment the play of such rule sets as Team Yankee or Flames of War. A battle report is included, all from author Nic … Continue reading

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