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French and Indian War rules added

Michael Gray’s “French and Indian War Rules” have now been added to the Complete Rule Sets page. The rules look to be easily adaptable to any type of Horse and Musket game.

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A free gift for D-Day

By Rob Morgan I rarely buy the ‘glossy’ wargames magazines these days. They don’t have the appeal that they had back in the ’80s, but as I write this, the new issue of Miniature Wargames for July 2019, marked issue … Continue reading

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Coming soon — Lone Warrior No. 207

Editor Rich Barbuto confirms the latest edition of Lone Warrior, the digital journal of the Solo Wargamers Association, will be e-mailed later this week. Here’s a preview of the contents: “Badon and Basingstoke: To the Strongest and Solo Wargaming,” by … Continue reading

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A short book on siege mines and more

By Rob Morgan At the moment I’m reading … “Siege Mines & Underground Warfare”by Kenneth Wiggins. It’s a short book, published by Shire archaeology who knock out books on everything from ‘Roman Coins’ to ‘Prehistoric Houses’ and ‘Cave Art’. Only … Continue reading

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Eaglewall ship models remembered

By Rob Morgan Anyone remember them? They were among the first ever plastic wargames ship models in 1/1200th scale, back in the early 1960s. Many, and I mean many, of the wargames and modelling magazines around since then have carried … Continue reading

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IJNS Mikasa — The last survivor

By Rob Morgan Take a look at the photograph. The admiral on a plinth is Admiral Togo,  the only naval commander in the 20th century to have fought two fleet actions with battleships and won both. The warship behind him … Continue reading

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A sample article on solo tank battles

This month’s sample article from the pages of Lone Warrior is a description of solo adaptions to augment the play of such rule sets as Team Yankee or Flames of War. A battle report is included, all from author Nic … Continue reading

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