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Review of ‘Iron & Rust” novel

Jonathan Aird finds the Harry Sidebottom novel about ancient Rome a good read, with a couple of author quirks. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Plague seasons and campaigns

By Rob Morgan The weather column in ‘The Times’ recently reported some research, with clear medieval or early Renaissance wargames campaign potential, by a Dr. Pribyl of the University of East Anglia, reconstructing the climate of that part of England … Continue reading

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Best era to be a soldier

By Jim Rohrer This issue might be relevant to the decision about which era you to prefer to wargame. We all can agree that war is a nasty business and should be avoided at all costs. But wars do happen … Continue reading

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ACW easy rules have been added

Kevin White’s rules for the American Civil War, “The Blue and Gray,” have now been added. They’re on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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Pak 43/41 anti-tank gun in Normandy

By Rob Morgan A couple of e-mails responding to my ‘VE Day’ piece asked me for a little more detail on what some seem to think is a rather unusual form of ’88,’ and it certainly is an odd version … Continue reading

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Game duration in ‘One-Hour Wargames’ for solo play

By Jim Rohrer One-Hour Wargames (OHW) is my preferred rule set (Thomas, 2014).  I like it because the rules are simple, it is intended for play on a small table, games are short, and it is so flexible.  Units of … Continue reading

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Cathedral – a very useful board game

By Rob Morgan A little while before we were all forced to stay in, I bought a boxed game in the local charity shop. It cost me £1.99, about 3 Euros, or, what, $2.50-ish? Now I’ve had the chance to … Continue reading

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The ‘Lost 52’ Project

By Rob Morgan Ben Hoyle, writing in The Times, described the discovery of the wreck of the USS Stickleback a ‘Tench’ Class submarine lost in the Spring of 1958 in collision with USS Silverstein DE534, off Barber’s Point on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu during an … Continue reading

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‘Report from the Vosges Mountains’ added

A  new game report has been added to the website, this one on a game between Prussians and  Garibaldi’s irregulars set during the Franco-Prussian War. The report is by Jim Rohrer and is on the Game Reports page.

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Review of Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep and Perilous Dark added

Paul Le Long finds these inter-related fantasy rules easy to learn and fun to play. His review is on the Reviews page.

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