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Lone Warrior No. 211 is on the way!

Editor Rich Barbuto reports that the latest issue of Lone Warrior is wrapping up production and will soon be on the way to subscribers. Here’s a preview of this issue’s content: “Who Would Hold a Crown?” by Kevin White. A … Continue reading

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Review of ‘One-Hour Skirmish Wargames’ added

Jim Rohrer reviews a book on skirmish wargaming, a follow-up to “One-Hour Wargames.” It’s on the Reviews page.

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VE Day — 75 years on

By Rob Morgan Here, as a reminiscence of the war, the defeat of Germany, and the greatest invasion in history, are three of my Normandy photos. 1. This is a Sexton SP Gun, a 25pdr AFV, which equipped British and … Continue reading

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Latest painting project: Peninsular British

By George Arnold During these days of social distancing (isn’t that what solo gamers have been doing all along?), I’ve had plenty of extra time to take on some new painting projects. Not long ago, inspired by a renewed interest … Continue reading

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Between camp and battlefield: Does distance matter?

By Rob Morgan A few thoughts cross my mind in relation to Christopher Prest’s Biblical battlefield. I think the distance is too far, and has a faint reminiscence of the Crusader army being lured to the Horns of Hattin, away … Continue reading

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New sample article now available

This month’s sample article from previous editions of Lone Warrior is a set of skirmish rules for 54mm Napoleonics, by Kevin White. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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