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50 years’ worth of ACW rule ideas

Graham Empson has distilled his more than 50 years of ACW solo gaming into a comprehensive set of mechanics/rules for the period. Lots and lots of ideas. It’s on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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Blog link added

Here’s a new link to another blog that might interest lone warriors: On the right side of this web site is a category called “Of Possible Soloist Interest.” Contributor Paul Wisken’s blog, “General Whisker’s semi-historical wanderings,” can now be found … Continue reading

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Royal Armouries and The Home Guard

By Rob Morgan  The Royal Armouries books and booklets are always sumptuously produced and a joy to read and own, but they can be expensive. News that they are to issue several of their publications electronically and at a very … Continue reading

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‘Programmed Wargame Scenarios’ – 2nd edition revised & expanded

By Brian Cameron This is a follow-up to my previous e-mail as I’ve now received my copy. I’ve not made a line-by-line comparison but there appear to be very few changes. The expansion is the addition of a new scenario. … Continue reading

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The chess board as the ultimate portable wargame

By Jim Rohrer Wargaming on a chessboard combines the advantages of playing on a small space, portability, and using a grid.  Some special rules are needed to avoid confusion.  For example, no diagonal movements are allowed.  One-Hour Wargames rules lend … Continue reading

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New edition of ‘Programmed Wargame Scenarios’ available

<<Brian Cameron sends along this bit of good news:>> Hi I don’t think I have a login for the blog but latest news from Caliver Books: “We are dead chuffed to bring you the 2nd edition of ‘Programmed Wargame  Scenarios,’ … Continue reading

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Star Wars rules added

A set of rules for space combat by Mike Crane has been added to this website. The rules include drawings for paper counters and a game report using the rules. It’s on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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Question about PBM campaign

<<Mark Phillips in the UK submits the following query:>> Hello; Decades ago I was part of a PBM , I believe called Macedon, which was an excellent pbm about the different Diadochi generals and provinces, really in depth. I had … Continue reading

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Just a simple question

By Rob Morgan Something which should really go in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ page, but we don’t have one. Or maybe in the ‘Reader’s Queries’ like the old ‘Battle’ wargames magazine used to have, but we don’t have one … Continue reading

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A new sample article for August

This month’s sample article from previous issues of Lone Warrior is by George Arnold and discusses his experiment with the DBA rules, using a hex grid. A game report with Ancients on hexes is included. It’s on the Sample Articles page. … Continue reading

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