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A sample article on river gunboats

This month’s sample article from the pages of Lone Warrior is a review and more by Rob Morgan of a hefty volume titled “River Gunboats: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia.” A lot of interesting information for anyone remotely interested in the suject. … Continue reading

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Matchbox Humvees

By Jim Rohrer Matchbox cars are about the right size for some tabletop wargaming. The ubiquitous Humvee was sold by Matchbox in several paint schemes. Thinking of their potential for patrol scenarios or mechanized assaults, I recently bought some of … Continue reading

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Remembering Gneisenau

By Rob Morgan I came upon a three-page article entitled ‘Batterie Austrat’ in the excellent magazine After the Battle, No. 44. Rather an old piece now, it provides an account of one of the 11-inch triple gun turrets from Gneisenau, … Continue reading

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The last zeppelin — a model

By Rob Morgan I was reminded by a colleague that there’s a decent scale model of a German airship around, one very suitable for conversion into numerous ‘Steam-Punk’ models, and arguably fantasy Third Reich stuff too. The Revell Mini-Kit 06580 … Continue reading

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Post-apocalyptic map and counter game rules added

Jim Rohrer explains his game system that uses a standard road map and a set of counters, which are provided, ready to copy. It’s on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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A missing battleship?

By Rob Morgan Over the past few months, a couple of colleagues and I have been discussing the many “what if” battleship projects which litter 20th Century naval history. One battleship I can’t find a model of anywhere is the … Continue reading

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New sample article now posted

A new sample article has been posted. It’s by Kevin White and describes how he adapted rules for an Agincourt campaign based on an original idea from Don Featherstone. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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