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‘Age of Charlemagne’ (Osprey) review added

Jonathan Aird has added a review of an Osprey title on the age of Charlemagne. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin +2

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Two discounted wargames books available

By Rob Morgan That excellent mail order discount book dealer Postscript (details below) has two sound wargames titles in its new March 2021 List, No. 326, which arrived here today. Both are Pen & Sword titles, and both are by … Continue reading

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Commando raid replay

By Paul Le Long I wanted to congratulate Peter Davies on his commando raid article in the most recent issue of Lone Warrior (No. 214). It was excellent stuff and I was inspired to play the game over the weekend. … Continue reading

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‘A Billion Suns’ game review added

Paul Le Long has written a review of a new miniatures space game called “A Billion Suns.” Not another naval battle game in space, this one has some interesting twists. See the full review on the Reviews page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin … Continue reading

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A preview of Lone Warrior No. 214

Lone Warrior No. 214 is in the final stages of preparation and should be e-mailed to subscribers within a few more days. Here’s a look at what the latest issue has to offer: “Planning a Tabletop Solo Commando Raid 1943,” … Continue reading

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‘BATTLE!’ — A lost volume, sadly

By Rob Morgan So, I read the brief reconsideration of the late Charles Grant’s volume and, of course, memories kicked in. My copy is on the shelf next to The Don’s ‘Naval Wargames’ and the similar sized Ian Alle’ volumes … Continue reading

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Kevin White’s rules put in another appearance

Here’s a link to another blog, with the blogger recently using Kevin White’s “Kokoda Trail” rules for a World War II skirmish game. The rules are permanently posted on the Lone Warrior website’s Complete Rule Sets page. Thanks for the mention, … Continue reading

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New rules needed for light armor integrated with infantry?

By Jim Rohrer Tanks appeal to many wargamers, but their star has been waning for a long time.  Heavy tanks are tough to airdrop so they are not useful for flexible rapid response.  They have a long logistical tail and … Continue reading

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A new sample article: How to solo

This month’s sample article from the pages of past issues of Lone Warrior is by Brian Cameron. In his article, he discusses how he sets up and plays his tabletop battles, including forming battle plans and the rules he uses … Continue reading

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Lone Warrior #213 – some feedback

By Brian Cameron I certainly agree with Rob Morgan (Solo wargaming: its place in the modern world) about having too many interests. I partially solve this (as you’ll see in the next issue, inspired by Steve Turner’s article) by not … Continue reading

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