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By Jim Rohrer I enjoy rules from both “One-Hour Wargames” and “The Portable Wargame.” Often I have used grid movement rules from TPW with combat rules from OHW. Today I am wondering about the assumptions behind the different combat rules … Continue reading

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‘Queen Victoria’s Enemies (1): Southern Africa’ review added

Martin Smith has reviewed an Osprey on Britain’s Colonial wars, this one focused on “Queen Victoria’s Enemies (1): Southern Africa,” and finds it useful for a brief history of campaigning in the area. The review is on the Ospreys at … Continue reading

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Wargames Illustrated #403

By Brian Cameron The current issue has an interesting article, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” about applying solo AI systems to two-player games. There are some nice ideas which can obviously be used in solo games. … Continue reading

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30YW figures for sale on eBay

By Rich Barbuto I have been working with a friend to sell his collection of Thirty Years War figures on E-Bay. Rob Morgan’s recent post has prompted me to add some of the photos of 30YW mercenaries that are now … Continue reading

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‘The Solo Wargaming Guide’ reviewed

Peter R. Barkworth has reviewed “The Solo Wargaming Guide,” a 2013 book by William Silvester that is sure to be of interest to soloists. It’s on the Reviews page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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On Thirty Years War mercenaries

By Rob Morgan I expected a flurry of comment following the note on the Thirty Years War by Jim Rohrer, and hopefully the short piece in Lone Warrior No. 215 will persuade a few members to dip into the most … Continue reading

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The Siege of Nicopolis: A new sample article

Robert Stevens used this article from a previous Lone Warrior to detail the history leading up to the Siege (and Battle) of Nicopolis in 1396. Gaming notes are included. It’s on the Sample Articles page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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