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Casualty Rates

by Rob Morgan Earlier, I was reading an article in John Tunstill’s magnificent old Miniature Warfare, vol. 2, no. 11, from December 1969, since you ask. The writer, D.B.Clark, takes the late and venerable Charles Grant to task over the … Continue reading

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Change of Editor

By Brian Cameron That’s not a title one can use often in the SWA given Rich Barbuto has been in post for 27 years. May I extend my thanks and congratulations for all the hard work you’ve put in over … Continue reading

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Duelling in wargames?

by Rob Morgan I’ve just been reading The Duel: A History of the Art of Duelling, written by Robert Baldick and published as long ago as 1965. It is long out of print, but there are a few on eBay, … Continue reading

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Horsey, Horsey . . . . .

By Rob Morgan The Imperial Russian army’s morale was at rock bottom following the debacle of the 1904-1905 war with Japan – a war in which General Aleksei Kuropatkin, commander of the Tsar’s army in Manchuria, proved himself a candidate … Continue reading

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History’s worst general?

By Rob Morgan A while ago a small debate, if you can call it that, sparkled in this journal about leaders in battle, with contributions from Jim Rohrer, George Banic, and myself. It deserves to develop in terms of solo … Continue reading

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“Metternich’s Wars” rules added

Brian Cameron shares “Metternich’s Wars”, his comprehensive division-level rules for the early-to-mid 19th century. His design notes appear in Lone Warrior 218. The rules are available on the Complete Rule Sets page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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A sample article for March

This month’s sample article from previous issues of Lone Warrior is by Rob Morgan. “Fort Zinderneuf ……The loneliest outpost in the empire” details the construction of a scratch-built desert fort and discusses the wargaming possibilities of such a strong point. … Continue reading

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Issue 218 is coming soon!

The next issue of Lone Warrior is in the final stages of production according to Editor Rich Barbuto. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside: “Old Hickory and the Mortain Counterattack, Part 2,” by Peter R. Barkworth. The exciting conclusion … Continue reading

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A new series of articles of interest to wargamers

By Rob Morgan “How Did Soldiers Fight?” is the title of a new series of articles and contributions in the pages of The Foreign Correspondent, journal of the Continental Wars Society (I’ve mentioned this fascinating publication from time to time … Continue reading

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