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‘Rome’s Enemies (5): The Desert Frontier’ Osprey Review Added

Martin Smith reviews Men-At-Arms 243 and notes that it is beautifully illustrated and serves as a “fine introduction to a lesser-known subject”. The full review is available on the Ospreys at a Glance page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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Review of Dark Alliance Fire Demons

Jonathan Aird reviews this set of Tolkien-inspired Fire Demons from Ukranian figure-manufacturer, Dark Alliance. At just two-figures per box, he finds the price reasonable, particular given that, as he notes, “there’s only one Balrog in Moria, after all.” It’s on … Continue reading

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The Luckiest Panzers!

By Rob Morgan It has been many years since I drafted a never-to-be-completed wargame based on a series of Allied invasions of the Channel Islands in 1944. I’m not surprised I abandoned the idea, given that this collection of islands … Continue reading

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‘Military Modelling 1981 Manual’ Reviewed

Jonathan Aird reviews this 1981 offering from Military Modeling and highlights several articles of value to wargamers. It’s on the Reviews page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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A Sample Article for July

This month’s sample article from previous issues of Lone Warrior is “Raid on Didyma” by Peter R. Barkworth. Persians attempt to loot and burn the temple at Didyma while fending off an opposing Greek force in this riveting game report. Includes historical … Continue reading

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