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Bring Me My Bow

by Rob Morgan The old chestnut of how much better British infantry might have performed against Bonaparte’s tightly packed hordes had the longbow still been in use cropped up the other day in one of our wargame discussion groups. We … Continue reading

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Dark Alliance War Trolls Review Added

Jonathan Aird finds much to like in this fantasy set from Dark Alliance featuring large, menacing War Trolls – nominally 1/72 but suitable for use with other scales. You can find it on the Reviews page. Share this… Email Print Facebook Twitter … Continue reading

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Maintenance Note

Just a note that I’ve temporarily disabled the “register” link due to an absurd increase in spam registrations in the last 24 or so hours. I’m not entirely convinced we are being well served by the register option, so I’ll … Continue reading

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Garibaldi’s Brits! An Idea I Forgot About!

by Rob Morgan When George and I were talking about packs of Airfix soldiers, this article came to mind, and yes, it was a wargaming idea I had thought about years ago, but again, never got around to. I don’t … Continue reading

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I was disappointed to read in LW #220 Rob Morgan repeating the imperialist perspective trotted out by that propaganda tool ‘Stingray’. Let’s take a look at the real situation. The oceans are home to a number of civilisations, in particular … Continue reading

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A Sample Article for November

In ‘First Find Your Enemy: Scouting and Grand Tactical Manoeuvre for C17th Campaigns”, Dave Woollcombe-Gosson details a complete system for pre-battle scouting and maneuvering for generating campaign battles. It’s this month’s sample article from previous issues of Lone Warrior. and … Continue reading

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