A gift for Troy?

By Rob Morgan

My memory being what it is, as in ageing, I try never to miss writing down any useful, or potentially useful, wargame material I come upon. This is an example.

Now, I don’t actually wargame a great deal in the Ancient World. I do have a number of small, oared fleets, of course, and readers may recall a couple of odd items which I’ve slipped in over the years — Cyclops, centaurs, that sort of thing, mostly mythical. I’m currently making a few notes on Xenophon’s Anabasis, and where Troy’s concerned, I’m hoping that at some stage I can write up a Trojan v Greek naval action or two, ignoring the literary limitations of Virgil’s Aeneid naturally.

This model, of course is something slightly different. Breathes there a wargamer who hasn’t heard of that unique piece of apparatus in siege history — the Trojan Horse? I doubt it. However, if there’s a manufacturer somewhere who makes one in a wargame scale, I don’t know of it. Please write in!

This model is sturdy, and well-made, I’ve seen one assembled. It’s all wood, and a foot long, about seven inches tall, with a rather roomy troop chamber and a big opening for egress. I think that with say 20 or so Greeks in 20/25mm or 28mm scale, it would make the centre-piece for a superb wargame. A display game would be particularly enhanced by the beast. Yes, I realise that it is very much a ‘one-off’ model, in a ‘one-off’ wargame, but at least you know now that it exists.

It’s available, by the way, from


and appears in their Winter and Christmas 2019 catalogue on page 42. It’s 20 pounds, not cheap by any means, but if you need one …

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