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David White writes:

I grew up in Visalia, CA, during the 1950’s and 60’s and lived close to Jack Scruby before he moved to Cambria and started The Soldier Factory. I would watch him work in his garage fascinated with all the small toy soldiers everywhere. Much later in life, 2000’s plus, I started collecting his 54mm series made by Ambrite Industries back in Visalia. There are three sets in this series, the #9700 Scruby Military Miniature Assortment, the #9706 American Revolution (1776-83) Assortment and the #9731 Civil War Assortment.

Using old order forms and a few catalogue pages, I have put together a complete list of item numbers for all three assortments. Over time using eBay, etc. I have found all the pieces except for two. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they look like, only their descriptions:

  • Item #9731-02 “Rebel (firing, kepi hat)” from the Civil War Assortment and
  • item #9732-13 “British Grenadier (at attention)” from the American Revolution Assortment

Some of the pieces from these two assortments are repeats from the main “Scruby Military Miniature Assortment” so the numbering might be different.

Do you know anyone who collects these series or any information sources that could help me in my quest to complete my collection?


David White

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