A tram car roadblock

By Rob Morgan

I try never to pass the local OXFAM shop. It always seems to throw up a bargain. Not long ago, I picked up an Osprey at a mere £1.99. This, however, was from the postcard box, and I paid a sumptuous five pence for it! The card is of a tram car, early 20th century, and around 15mm scale, which is useful. It was produced some decades ago by a family business in Oxfordshire, now long vanished, but similar models are still made, and much more expensively by a company in the USA called Fiddler’s Green. Original cost of this, 10 pence.

I see it as a roadblock, the windows darkened. It’s exactly the sort of obstruction you’d find across a late-war Berlin street, or in Russia or Paris — anywhere in the European theatres of World War II. Earlier than that, Madrid or Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War, during the Spartacist era, or the Bolshevik. As I said, it’s remarkable what you can pick up in the OXFAM shop.

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