A visit to the Golan Heights

By Nic Birt

I’ve been interested in the Yom Kippur war of 1973 for quite a while (hence the Purple Line article) so I was pleased to be able to get up on the Golan Heights for a few hours last month.

yom kippurThere is lots of evidence of the past wars between Israel and Syria there and I came across a knocked-out Centurion, as well as many old bunkers and minefields. I was also fortunate to spot a couple of M-109s which seemed to be on a training exercise.

This war is particularly interesting from a Cold War strategy perspective — basically massed tanks verses a few elite tanks — plus a few surprises with the new technology for the time — SAMs and AT missiles. I hope the photos may be useful to modellers and you can have a chuckle at my ‘Indiana Jones’ impersonation as I explore a tunnel.

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