Adding more Revolutionary War units

By Rich Barbuto
Rob Morgan has a great idea (see his post immediately below) about keeping members of the solo gaming community connected by sharing our recent hobby-related activities. After I gamed Cowpens a few years back, I decided to continue the southern campaign of the American Revolution. The next big battle was Guilford Courthouse. As I looked over my collection of figures, it became obvious that I would need to expand the numbers of American militia. For the past several months I’ve been painting such troops.
Here are my Virginia and North Carolina militia. The Virginians are in their classic blue coats with dark green facings. The North Carolinian militia, in contrast, had few uniformed militia at this stage of the war. Most sources depict the militiaman in a homespun rifle coat. I’ve chosen instead to go with a brown coat faced red. This is a popular color combination for militiamen and regular alike, so these figures are versatile.
Next in the queue are the 33rd Regiment of Foot with red facings and another regiment of American militia. I am thinking that these militiamen will be in drab coats, probably faced in dark red. That makes them distinct enough from the North Carolinians on the wargame table. Again, this is a versatile color combination for state troops and continentals. Given how long it took me to complete the Virginians and North Carolinians, this project will take me into the summer months. I hope we aren’t still in lock down then.  Everyone, stay safe and healthy.
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  1. Scott Hansen says:

    Nice work Rob. I’m working from home and under “Stay at Home” orders here in the state of Michigan USA. I started working on my WW1 project using Pendraken 10mm figures (British/German 1916). I’m scratch-building trenches from balsa wood and fimo clay. I ordered more figures from Pendraken to expand my forces. I plan on trying several WW1 rulesets: Trench Hammer, Trench Storm, Great War Spearhead, Through the Mud and Blood (Dobbies Hobbies) and Elan. All of these rules are available on except for Great War Spearhead.

  2. Scott Hansen says:

    Sorry Rich. I got you mixed up with Rob.

  3. Nangwaya says:

    I don’t know how to make a new blog post, so I will pop what I wanted to post in the comments section, and hope this is OK:

    Following the others’ lead, I am posting what I have been up to and what I am planning on getting up to next.

    For the past few months, I have been painting like mad trying to get ready for an event I want to run at CanGames in mid-May.

    I am planning on one or more battles set during the Chariot era, specifically during the time of Ashurbanipal’s reign, the last great King of the Assyrian empire.

    However, with the pandemic impacting so much, I am assuming that the convention will either be postponed or cancelled for this year.

    That being said, I am still proceeding as if CanGames will go on, and continue to playtest and work on the terrain.

    Other than that, I put in a big order to Magister Militum for a variety miniatures to make a Syrian army. I don’t expect to see the shipment for quite a while (I live across the pond from MM), but I have quite a lead mountain to keep me busy.

    Hope you are all doing well!


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