Airfix Magazines

By Brian Cameron

Anyone who is enthused by Rob Morgan’s comments can find a selection of issues on the Internet Archive:

I remember many of the articles about converting Airfix figures (and have copies of some), often using plasticene and the use of a mysterious ‘banana oil’ to set it — I never did track it down as a boy. An excellent magazine which provided much inspiration. I was very pleased some years ago to meet the editor, Chris Ellis. I’m pleased to say that he’s still quite active, particularly in railway modelling.

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I've been wargaming for over 50 years, often solo. I've written lots of games and rules, some published, and articles in the wargames press.
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  1. Peter R. Barkworth says:

    Thank you, Brian. This is interesting information.

    For those wishing to see other bits of Airfix magazine, I suggest readers go to the Vintage Wargames site:
    It seems some Airfix conversions were also published in “Model World” and “Miniature Warfare” magazines too.
    There are more Airfix figure conversions at:


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