And here comes issue No. 200

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine is about ready for e-publication, and it’s another landmark. For issue No. 200, Editor Rich Barbuto asked his regular contributors to discuss what writing for the magazine means to them: What are the good parts, what are the downsides, and more. He got a wide variety of responses and they form the heart of this edition.

But there’s more traditional fare too. Such as:

  • “Sparta vs. Hippias” by Peter R. Barkworth, a battle report on 6th century BC fighting between Sparta and Athens, and their allies.
  • “Tank Battle: Golan ’73 A6 and ‘Tank Shock’ rules” by Nic Birt. A battle report on Israelis vs. Syrians, along with a set of solo rule adaptations for fighting such modern armor encounters.
  • “Gangland 1926” by Preston Shah. A how-to article on setting up a role-playing game featuring gangsters and G-Men from the Roaring Twenties.
  • “Quiz” by Rob Morgan. A wide-ranging 10-question quiz that Rob describes as “relatively easy” for wargamers with some interest in history. (With answers a few pages later.) See how you do!
  • “Random Wargames Terrain” by Steve Turner. A clever system for randomly creating terrain for battles within a campaign.
  • “A House Divided (Again!)” by Kevin White. Solo rules for the English Civil War, and where to find paper soldiers (very low cost) to man the table.
  • “Champs de Bataille” by Rob Morgan. A review of a French military history magazine.

And, as always, lots of color photos, as well as numerous maps and charts to illustrate the above. All coming soon to an e-mail address near you!

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  1. Sebastian Palozzi says:

    My thanks to Peter R. Barkworth’s article “Sparta vs. Hippias” and I enjoyed it a great deal: it was a very nice piece of storytelling and the description of the game mechanics was interesting. Thanks Peter!

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