Are there solo sites on Facebook? Why, yes, there are

By JJ Parus

I’ve found some Facebook groups that might be of interest to Lone Warriors.

Facebook, of course, is a public media forum where folks connect, and aside from being a “friends and family” site, it is filled with “groups” dedicated to specific interests. There is a group for solo wargaming with miniatures, and there are groups for specific games or rules. I’m a big fan of Buck Surdu’s “Combat Patrol” rules

which play solo and are versatile, easy to learn, and well supported. There is also a group for solo boardgaming,

as well as such non-wargame related topics as cooking with herbs, wildlife photography, political sites, etc. – just about any topic that might interest you. On Facebook, you only see the groups that you choose to sign up for and join.

The posts are typically short messages and may include pictures, links to the blog pages of the poster, AARs, reviews, etc. You can post questions, offer ideas, and generally chat.

Here’s the address for Solo Wargaming With Miniatures:

The site describes itself as:

“A group dedicated to exploring all facets of Solo Wargaming with Miniatures. A place for solo gamers to discuss rules, house rules, and techniques to better the solo experience.

“If you play a lot of games solo … this group is for you, no matter the rules systems you play”

On a recent day, posts included notice of an upcoming series of YouTube videos on solo tactics, a number of pics from games, links to blogs, a threat generator system, several AARs or games in progress reports, and discussion of a campaign game someone is running.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Two Hour Wargames. They are all written with a (for lack of a better term) common gaming engine. That is great because if you learn Chain Reaction (sci-fi but usable as generic any period), then you know the basics of Six Gun Sound (Old West), NUTS (WWII), All Things Zombie (post-Apoc), and Rally Round the King (medieval and fantasy)

The great thing about THW rules is that they are designed to work either FTF or solo and the dice system works well to take the god-like control of your figs away and provides a good AI in the process.

I think that any number of these Facebook groups could be a source of cross-pollination. Folks who read Lone Warrior magazine or the Lone Warrior blog might find these Facebook sites of interest as well, because of the information shared and the camaraderie of much more frequent contact with solo gamers. In addition, the Facebook folks would be introduced to the magazine and the blog and perhaps either subscribe and/or contribute.

By the way, if any of the links above don’t work, just go to Facebook and type the name of the group into the Search window.

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One Response to Are there solo sites on Facebook? Why, yes, there are

  1. Dexey says:

    I recently left Facebook after several years and the only site I really miss is Solo Wargaming with Miniatures. On any question encompassed by its title you would get suggestions, and helpful ones at that.
    However, I also followed an obscure Winter lightweight camping site in Scandinavia and I started noticing adverts and friend requests or suggestions that I could only think were caused by my viewing that site. I read around a bit and it seems that Mark Whassisname makes his fortune by tracking people using Facebook and then targeting adverts at them.
    In my book that is sly and unacceptable so I shut my account (only slightly less difficult than closing a Pininterest account).

    I would have reconsidered but I was unable to find a Lithuanian Princess able to paint forty 28mm warriors to high standard in an afternoon who also held a Shimano Internal Geared Hub bicycle mechanics certificate and an apprentice time served diesel mechanics diploma to at least gold standard.
    An ability to wash up and dust would also have been advantageous.

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