Coming Soon: Issue 219!

Cover image of Lone Warrior, Issue 219.

According to Editor Rich Barbuto, the next issue of Lone Warrior is hitting inboxes soon.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:

  • “North-West Frontier 1897 – A Punitive Colonial Wargame,” by Nic Birt. A scenario and solo rules for a game set on the North-West Frontier of India in the late 19th century. Includes a game report of the rules in action.
  • “The Battle of Corydon (1863): What if the Militia had Barricaded the Bridge?” by Jim Rohrer. Historical background and “what if?” scenario of General Morgan’s raid from Kentucky into Indiana during the American Civil War. Includes game report and bibliography.
  • “Chaos and Order: A Rules Evolution Episode 4: Back to Maps,” by John Barnard. In part four of this series on campaigns, the author describes his method for generating an abstract map for solo campaigns.
  • “A Matter of Scale: Big battles, small space,” by George Arnold. The author takes us on his quest to find his Grail: a fast moving, decisive game with the feel of a big battle, but on a card table-sized space. Includes a game report.
  • “Uses of Model Train Scenery for Wargamers,” by Jim Rohrer. An overview of the pros and cons of using model train scenery for gaming.
  • “Stolen Goodies – Gleaning Campaign Ideas from Others,” by Martin Smith. A sampling of map-less campaign systems with the author’s impressions and tweaks.
  • “Big Battles in Small Spaces,” by Brian Cameron. The author extols the virtues of 6mm figures and shares his ideas for how rules can support the impression of a big battle.
  • “So why Victory Points?” by Brian Cameron. The author presents his case for the benefits of achieving objectives over victory points in wargaming.
  • “Solo Random Movement System,” by Ian Barstow. A card-based randomized movement sequence for solo wargaming, modified by command-and-control rules and logical reactions. Rules include variable movement rates.
  • “Why I Write for Lone Warrior,” by Peter R. Barkworth. The author shares his wargaming background and personal reasons for contributing to Lone Warrior. You don’t want to miss the anecdote about the fire at Thermopylae!
  • “Editorial,” by Rich Barbuto. A final editorial from our departing editor covering the history of Lone Warrior and the Solo Wargamers Association, how he came to be editor, why he chose to pass the torch, and his current and future plans.
  • Letter From Kenn Hart. A ‘thank you’ from Kenn Hart for Rich’s service and an update on his own recent activities.
  • “And, an Important Introduction!” by David Newport. Meet our incoming editor, David Newport. Here he discusses his background and shares his thoughts about Lone Warrior.

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2 Responses to Coming Soon: Issue 219!

  1. Nangwaya says:

    Another goodie bag of articles coming, as usual.

    However, I am really interested in reading “So why Victory Points?” by Brian Cameron.

    Good stuff.

  2. Brian Cameron says:

    re: George Arnold’s article on the Morale Napoleon rules, a number of the Two Hour Wargame publications are now available from Rebel Minis


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