Commando raid replay

By Paul Le Long

I wanted to congratulate Peter Davies on his commando raid article in the most recent issue of Lone Warrior (No. 214). It was excellent stuff and I was inspired to play the game over the weekend. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve left it set up for a replay.

I set up the table as closely as I could manage; my table is smaller and my figures are 10mm so there was a bit of scale conversion but it was little trouble overall. The rules work well — as you say Peter, they are very simple but I didn’t find them particularly unrealistic. The game was very fast and above all it was fun. I’ve included a few photos from about the mid-point in the game. (See below.)

I won’t give a blow-by-blow account here but in general the game played as follows: the commandos turned up pretty haphazardly but the team ordered to take out the coastal guns fulfilled their mission easily and without loss. They then headed toward the bridge where they were effective in shooting up German reinforcements, although they took some casualties in return.

The unit tasked with securing the town jumped off their boat as soon as it arrived, moved across the fields and while one squad laid down covering fire, the others charged in with the bayonet and wiped out the town garrison. The unit tasked with destroying the refinery succeeded in blowing up their targets but were very badly mauled in the process and were wiped out while trying to retreat to the harbour.

The support unit with the mortar took up defensive positions in the centre among the hedges and provided very effective covering fire to whoever needed it. German reinforcements mostly came on at point B and proceeded down the road from there, where they were shot up by the commando covering force (and especially the mortar). The German halftracks were the ones that did most damage, especially hunting down commando squads as they retreated toward the harbour.

The result was that in 16 turns (probably an hour or so play time) all targets were destroyed, 6 commando squads got away and they had killed about a dozen German units, including pillboxes. The game was fast, furious and most importantly fun. I’m imagining this as a training mission where everything went to plan — the replay will be the real thing so we’ll see how that goes!

I have some questions for Peter:

  • Can a demolition team, once they’ve completed their mission, help another team at a different target? Or do they only have enough explosives to blow up their own target?
  • Can commandos fire out of their landing craft?
  • Disembarking from the landing craft — is that a move action or is it free?

Brilliant game – many thanks Peter!

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4 Responses to Commando raid replay

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks Paul. I am glad you had a fun time playing the game. Good questions, I would take the following approach: 1) a demolition unit can be redirected only by the overall commander who must be in contact with the unit to issue the order, 2) commandos cannot shoot from the landing craft, and 3) it takes one action for a commando unit to leave a landing craft.

  2. Paul Le Long says:


  3. Martin Smith says:

    Paul, like the hedging – is that doormat material? Great idea!

  4. Paul Le Long says:

    Yeah it’s an astroturf doormat. Makes great cornfields too – I cut it into sections and have them on top of a beige carpet tile removing the astroturf as units move through it so you get the impression of flattened corn

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