Complete Rule Sets

This page is intended to provide a permanent location for complete rule sets written over the years by contributors to Lone Warrior magazine or to the Lone Warrior blog. Any rule sets reprinted from Lone Warrior as sample articles on the blog are normally removed from the blog after a few months. This page now will allow them to be accessed indefinitely. Similarly, rules that have appeared only on the blog will be easier to access here, rather than by tracking them down through the blog archives. This Complete Rule Sets page is meant to be a handy, permanent point of reference to those looking for such rules.

A reminder that all material on this site from Lone Warrior magazine, including the drawing of the Lone Warrior at the top of these pages, is copyright © of the Solo Wargamers Association. No part of this material may be copied for further publication or transmitted electronically without prior written consent of the copyright owner and publisher. However, individual copying of any of the rules below, which are intended for personal use only, are allowed.


New!!! ‘Prince Emsah’s Guard’ rules — Bob Stewart provides rules for a simple, yet entertaining game of tomb raiding. Added October 2018.

Ancient/Medieval rules

‘Hambone Barca vs. Miles Gloriousus’ — George Sivess explains his rules for ancients gaming, with a hat tip to Jack Scruby. Added August 2018.

World War I rules

‘Aces High – Aerial Combat in World War I’ — Kevin White explains his rules for plane-to-plane WWI combat. Added September 2018.

World War II rules

‘Battle of Britain’ — Mike Crane provides rules (and 3D paper models) for a game about the Battle of Britain. Added August 2018.

‘Bombers and Fighters Over Europe’ — Mike Crane provides rules for an air combat game. Added June 2018.

‘Kokoda Trail’ — Kevin White explains his WWII skirmish rules for infantry combat on New Guinea. Added August 2018.

‘Tactical Combat’ — David Newport presents some easy-play rules for infantry and armor. Added January 2013.