It’s in the mail

Rich Barbuto, editor of Lone Warrior  magazine, reports that No. 179 goes into the mail today. Be on the lookout!

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  1. Chris says:

    ISSUE 179 – WOW


    Issue 179 arrived yesterday and was “devoured.”

    It was, to continue in that same spirit,”delicious.” [BELCH! Excuse me!]

    I read with interest Paul’s piece on a solo ancients tournament. Would have enjoyed reading a couple of battle report snippets, but that’s just me. It has me thinking about getting back into campaign mode. Way back when, I did an ECW campaign and got a lot of mileage out of it. Now I’m thinking something in the Dark Ages, but we’ll see. Thanks Paul!

    I appreciated and admired the brief report from the hand of Richard T. I look forward to future updates from this new recruit and his little corporal. Welcome!

    Mike’s rules and report have me seriously thinking about dropping my shield and spear, my shako and saber, and strapping on a parachute and pinning on some pilot’s wings.

    In sum. well done everybody! Let’s keep up the good work!



    • Paul Le Long says:

      Thanks Chris – glad you enjoyed it. I do actually write battle reports for my own interest – I keep a sort of wargames journal with ideas for rules, shopping lists for shows, battle reports and so on. I decided not to include any battle reports in the article – but it wouldn’t be hard to write up a couple though for the miscellaneous page on the blog if you like….

      ….George – that sound ok to you?

      Looking forward to trying out Mike’s bomber game – his Battle of Britain game was a real winner (I’m still playing it from time to time). In fact this issue of LW looks like a classic; loads of great articles all round.

  2. Mike Crane says:

    Lone Warrior #179 came in the mail this afternoon. Wow! It looks like another winner. Scanning the pages quickly revealed several very promising articles but I immediately read “A New Generation Wargamer?” by Richard Laliberte. It was encouraging to read what he said and to see the charming photo of his new recruit to the hobby.
    Reading the “Bombs Over Europe Rules” revealed two errors that slipped by me before submitting the article. Please pencil in the changes now if you think you might want to try the game sometime in the future.
    The first is found on page 25. The “Damage Markers” entry should have been revised when I changed from using the paper plane models to using the cardstock counters. I simply put a #8 washer painted red on top of the counter of a damaged bomber but a button or almost anything else will do.
    The second mistake is found on page 27. The end of the third line under “Procedure” should read “an element will enter on a roll of 5,6” instead of a roll of 6.
    I apologize for the errors because it makes the rules seem confusing and complex. Believe me, my goal in every game is to make it simple, fast and fun.
    By the way, happy Father’s Day everybody!

    • John says:

      I’m planning on trying out the “Bombs Over Europe” rules, so thank you for posting your corrections!

      p.s. I’m about 2 dozen palm trees, a bunker and two pillboxes away from being able to play your “Pacific Island Assault” from LW 172.

  3. Mike Crane says:

    John, I found most of my palm trees in packages of dinosaur and pirate toys at the Dollar Tree a few years ago. You might want to be on the lookout for them in the toy departments of stores like that. Also, bakeries used to sell palm trees cheap. The problem with those was that there was no stand since they just stuck them into cake tops as a decoration. In its model scenery section Hobby Lobby sells packages of eight date palms for less than $10.00. That is a bit pricey, but they work very well for North African and Middle Eastern scenarios.
    As for the bunker and pillboxes, sometimes I use the lids of small paper boxes that are found in the paper craft section of Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The hex-shaped boxes look good if you find some small ones. I have resin models too, but the box lids work just as well in a pinch. When the lid is placed upside down on the board it is easy to see and reach the figures inside.
    I won the “Pacific Island Assault” game by a cat’s whisker. I hope your dice will love you more than mine did me. And, remember, the flak is brutal in “Bombs Over Europe.” Good luck with both!

  4. Jeff Chorney says:

    I received mine yesterday and I concur “A New Generation Wargamer?” by Richard Laliberte was nice to read and see his son involved. I remember the days when my boys were into Warhammer and L.O.R. Now its girls, music, and cars. I really enjoyed Pauls article and it has inspired me to do a Biblical Ancients tournament with the Israelites against the otherites et al. using the George Gush rule system. Also I have rekindled an interest in Dreadnought battles. So in the future look for an in depth article coming from me; featuring the Russians against the Japanese in one campaign and the Brits against the Germans in another.

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