Just the one copy?

By Rob Morgan

Back in the 1970s, the local model shop sold everything around in the field of wargaming. From time to time, a ‘new’ magazine appeared on the shelves, then vanished in a short space of time. By the end of the decade, with the unexpected disappearance of Battle!, nothing suitable appeared to replace it until Stuart Asquith’s Practical Wargamer in 1987.

This magazine, Soldier On!, for April 1978, and the third issue, is my only copy. I bought it, I suspect, in the hope that it would contain something in wargames terms. In a way it did. Plenty of adverts for figures, Heroics & Ros, Minifigs. Reviews too, of a few new releases, including a range of 20mm Medieval and of English Civil War by John Niblett of  Kent, which I don’t remember at all. The photographs suggest a high quality. Anyone remember them?

It was edited by a name unfamiliar to me then and now, Robert Wilkinson-Latham. Sadly, the articles, though one or two ‘names’ appeared, were a mixed bag. One on the Spanish Civil War, another on French Indo-China, and a better one on the infantry of pre-Bonaparte France. A few colour drawings and, would you believe it, a note on Action Man figures. I didn’t buy another issue of the magazine, and don’t know how long it lingered on the shelves in this format. It bears some similarity to Army & Navy Modelworld, which surfaced in, I think, 1983.

Anyone know more?

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3 Responses to Just the one copy?

  1. Peter R. Barkworth says:

    You can always learn something new on the Lone Warrior blog. I have never heard of this magazine until now. I had some copies of Army & Navy Modelworld and still have most copies of Battle (and still read them from time to time), but I certainly didn’t see this in W.H. Smiths.
    I can, however, help you with the name of the author, Rob. Robert Wilkinson-Latham wrote lots of books for Blandford on the Crimean War, swords, artillery and British army uniforms. He wrote some Osprey titles too on the North West Frontier, the Sudan campaigns and a couple of others. His brother Christopher co-authored some titles.
    Thank you for posting.

  2. Philip Dutré says:

    I looked in my archives and I have the April 78 and the May 78 issues.

    • admin2 says:

      A question for Philip Dutre from Rob Morgan:

      Obviously, we know what’s in the April ’78 issue of the magazine, but can you tell us what’s in the May issue? It would be of value, I think.

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