Kill Team report

By David Newport

I got the Kill Team set from Games Workshop at the start of 2019. I heard it was pretty good, with very tactical play and the differentiation of each individual miniature. It took me the year to finally get the figures painted up, the Mechanicus Skitarii and the Genestealer Cultists from the base game. Kill Team comes with some nifty ruined Gothic structures, but those haven’t managed to get painted yet. However, I did have a bunch of stuff from Novus Design Studios in the right scale and used that to fill the table. Combat Burgers always has to have an objective in it!

I can state that Kill Team does give a good game. If you’ve played GW skirmish games before, you will recognize that they use the same mechanics as the main games, but figures that get hit roll to see if they get a flesh wound or are outright taken down by the hit. Kill Team also has a nifty mechanic where you get points every turn to use special abilities. These give extra shots or better shots or better moves or passing a check, and they really add to the game. I’m not a 40K fan, but the squad-a-side Kill Team turned out to be a really fun game with a lot of decision points in it. In the game shown here, the Skitarii were using their fire power advantage to push the Cultists around, but when it came down to the final assault on Combat Burgers they couldn’t make the win, largely due to adroit use of skills by the Cultists. The game was a draw, but there will be many more!

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