Luftwaffe ‘Harvard’ NA T-6 Trainers

By Rob Morgan

A long way back in time, in 1971, Airfix Magazine carried a photograph of one of these immensely long-serving two seaters in the World War II camouflage and markings of Goering’s Luftwaffe. A letter followed from C.M. Rice of Devon explaining that the Germans captured a number, one comment suggests around 20, of these sturdy reliable planes from the French Armee de l’Air in 1940, and pressed them into service. Rice stated that photos of these captured ‘Harvards’ are to be found in ‘’Dora Kurfurst und Rote XIII” newly provided with German markings at the base at Goppingen in November 1941.

Given the fact that this aircraft was ordered by the RAF in 1938, and that the last of them flew in South African service in late 1995, and that they appear in a host of films disguised as everything from Zeros to Sturmoviks, I wondered? Could the German, captured Harvards be used in a wargame as clandestine raiders, possibly? They carried bombs often in Greek, Syrian, RAF and other colours. Why not use them as Luftwaffe undercover attackers?  The, I suspect, long out-of-print novel “KG 200”  by Gilman and Clive prods me into thinking this could be a useful solo wargame ploy. I know that the post-war German Air Force employed a large number of these T-6’s in the 1950s, but I wondered if any reader knew more about their WWII predecessors?

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