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Here we hope to publish materials that do not fit neatly into categories used elsewhere on the website, such as reviews or sample articles. The beauty of this page is that it gives readers an opportunity to share their creations with a wider audience of gamers. We can also accommodate color photos and graphics. So, readers, if you have some ideas, news, or reports that might appeal to a wider audience, send them to Website Manager. Of course, you may want your article to appear in Lone Warrior.  If so, make sure that your note stipulates whether you are aimed at this website, or at Lone Warrior magazine.  Thanks!

Note: Please do not send photos or graphics that are copyrighted unless you have the express permission of the copyright holder.


Salute 2019 — Jonathan Aird provides commentary and photos from the annual Salute. Added April 2019.

Salute 2018 — Jonathan Aird reports on this year’s Salute in London. Lots of photos too. Added April 2018.

Risk Legacy play-through — Russ Lockwood reports on a 15-game campaign of Risk Legacy. Added February 2017.

More on Napoleonic troops on skis — George Falco de Mats provides some more information and several photos regarding the use of skis by troops in the Napoleonic period. Added January 2016.

Ironclads, Tinclads and Cottonclads — Rob Morgan adds some photos and comments to supplement his article in the latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine. Added July 2014.

Putting things in perspective — Chris Hahn suffers from gaming block, and offers his thoughts on the hobby and his approach to it. Added August 2013.

Comfortable War Gaming — Stuart Asquith reflects on 50 years of wargaming. Added August 2013.

Small-scale naval raids — Rob Morgan considers gaming naval raids, with mention of available models. Added August 2012.

Bursting the Mould — Jeff Chorney takes a look at wargaming in the old Kriegspiel model. Added July 2012.

Rob Morgan offers some notes on converting ironclads from the American Civil War to science fiction steamships. Added June 2012.

Rich Barbuto discusses mechanisms to re-create the struggle around Hougoumont during the Battle of Waterloo. With maps and tables. Added April 2012.

Rich Barbuto provides some ideas on gaming an ambush scenario for “The Last of the Mohicans” period. Added October 2011.

Rob Morgan notes the passing of a WWII hero and recalls gaming one of his better known adventures: An obituary, and a wargame. Added September 2011.

LW Editor Rich Barbuto adds an article on designing Morale and Firepower rules for solo games. Added August 2011.