My oldest wargame model

By Rob Morgan

This ancient warship emerged from my collection the other afternoon, quite by chance. I haven’t looked at or used it in a game for many years. It is, as

HMS Ajax

HMS Ajax

one or two of the grey-bearded among us will immediately recognize, a 1/1200th Eaglewall kit of that splendid WWII light cruiser HMS Ajax. It’s my only surviving Eaglewall model, as a matter of fact, and my oldest surviving wargame model! I know where I bought it and when: In the Summer of 1963 at a small model emporium under the old Plaza cinema, and bought when John F. Kennedy was still president of the USA. It came in a small red box, and it really was a shilling or one and six at most, pennies in modern currency. My modeling skills as a youngster can’t have been that bad either, since the hull’s not hidden under blobs of cement, and the turret guns, funnel and mast are all in place.

The colour scheme, probably totally inaccurate, dates from much later, and I have a suspicion that at some stage I actually added the seaplane from an Airfix 1/1200th cruiser, long afterwards. I wonder what happened to the other Eaglewall stuff I had? The German tenders Saar and Acheron, two tiny favourites, and that rack of half a dozen U-Boats? Looking at this survivor after 50-odd years, those old Eaglewall models were not at all bad value, were they? If only I’d had enough pocket money to have bought the whole range, or the big battleships.

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