No. 201 is on the way

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is days away from distribution. Here’s a preview of what’s in it:

  • “The Search for Solo” by J. Gow. Solo campaigning with Rally Round the King rules, including a battle report.
  • “Blockade Runner” by Jeffrey G. Chorney. Setting up a campaign game for the ACW, with rules, descriptions of playing pieces, counters, a map and card descriptions for this card-driven game.
  • “Going Smaller to Get Larger” by George Arnold. Moving to a smaller scale to expand a table’s size, scale-wise, also with a battle report.
  • “A Scratch-Built Soviet Gunboat in 1/72 Scale” by Rob Morgan. Describing how to assemble a model for riverine warfare.
  • And, the first free advertisement from a subscriber, this one for a podcast for “old school games.”

This is a 58-page issue, with the usual assortment of color photos, charts and graphics. Coming soon!

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