No. 204 is on the way!

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is due for mailing in the next few days. Watch your in-boxes.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick preview of the contents:

  • “Spanish-U.S. War rules,” byPrisco Hernandez and George Knapp, with an introduction by Rich Barbuto, LW editor. These rules for the Spanish-American War are easy to learn but effective for both tournament and solo play.
  • “How to make saving the world more of a challenge,” by Jonathan Aird. Ideas for making the board game “Reign of Cthulu” even more difficult to win. Why? To increase continued play value.
  • “Gaming a galley battle with shifting initiative,” by George Arnold. Here’s a game report on an ancient galley battle in which the activated player just might have his initiative stolen by the opposing side in a fast-moving naval action.
  • “German ‘Marder’ — Manned Torpedo or Suicide Weapon?” by Rob Morgan. Some history and gaming ideas for the World War II German naval weapon.
  • “Science fiction campaign rules,” by John Horrell. Ideas for mapping out your own galaxy, as well as for building spacecraft and deep-space bases.
  • “What could possibly go wrong?” by Marvin Scott. Aviation rules for flying cargo planes in World War II.
  • “European war,” by Mike Haran. Rules for fighting 21st century war, using an unusual map.
  • “Mr. Babbage don’t surf; solitaire wargames in Vietnam,” by Paul Le Long. Adapting some Colonial rules to reflect counter-insurgency in the mid-20th century.
  • “World War II Vichy French security troops,” Rob Morgan reviews an Osprey Men-at-Arms title.

All this, as always, with a heavy dose of color — charts, maps, prints, and so on.

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