Printing custom event card decks

((Admin. note: Here’s a reprint from Jim Rohrer’s blog [see the post immediately below this one], in which he discusses how to make cards for your own event decks. Thanks, Jim!))

By Jim Rohrer

Chance event card decks are useful in solo play. The cards suggested by Neil Thomas in “One-Hour Wargames” are a good start but, in my opinion, more events would be an improvement. You need enough cards so that you can never know which cards might turn up during a battle. Also, different scenarios might call for different events.

When you make your own deck using index cards, you will find that they do not shuffle easily and they are not sturdy. Fortunately, custom card decks can be printed on regular playing cards. I used MPC at to make a deck for myself.

This was not cheap. A deck of 55 cards with a nice tin box and shipping cost me about $25. The cards did not arrive for three weeks. However, I am very pleased with them. The finish is standard for playing cards so they should last a very long time for solo play. The risk, of course, is that you might change your mind about which events you want to include. Eventually you might want to go back and make another deck of supplemental cards.

MPC’s web site allows you to use your own photo for the backs of the cards and to insert some text on backs as wells as the faces. My backs have a photo of French infantry figures and text that says OHW+ SOLO EVENTS. This indicates that I started with OHW event cards intended for solo play and I added some of my own.


cards back 

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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play.
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