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Shiloh, April 1862. Rich Barbuto designs a game to highlight this ACW battle’s difficult terrain and the resulting confusion. From Lone Warrior No. 196 (October-December 2016). Added March 2019.

Mount Badon Refought. Paul Le Long refights a Dark Ages battle using several rule sets. From Lone Warrior No. 198 (April-June 2017). Added February 2019.

Random Wargames Terrain. Steve Turner describes an innovative way to create random terrain for wargame battles, especially for campaign games. From Lone Warrior No. 200 (Oct.-Dec. 2017). Added January 2019.

Phased Movement. Wally Simon discusses some ways to take control away from solo players, through breaking up the movement part of a solo game. From Lone Warrior No. 27. Added December 2018.

Battles in the Hyborian Age. James Davis explains how reading some Robert E. Howard stories re-invigorated his wargaming. From Lone Warrior No. 193 (January-March 2016). Added November 2018.


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