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My Approach to Playing Solo Battles. Brian Cameron offers suggestions for setting up solo battles, from choosing terrain and battle plans for both sides, to standing orders for different types of units and commander character. Added September 2022.

Raid on Didyma. Persians attempt to loot and burn the temple at Didyma while fending off an opposing Greek force in this riveting game report from Peter R. Barkworth. Includes historical background and details the solo mechanisms employed in the game. Added July 2022.

“Legendary Leagues” with the game Marvel Legendary. Craig Dunglison explains how Leagues for players of Marvel Legendary work and the benefits they provide the solo gamer, including substantial gaming opportunities and a like-minded community. A link to the League site is included. Added June 2022.

A Song of Frost and Shadow. Paul Le Long shares a set of RPG-light skirmish wargame rules. Included are rules for character development, henchmen, skills, and abilities. Added May 2o22.


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