Greetings, Solo Wargamers!

The Lone Warrior website welcomes you. We invite you to participate in this ongoing discussion of any and all aspects of solo wargaming. This includes historical, fantasy, and science fiction gaming played without the benefit of fellow gamers. The discussion also addresses rules reviews, solo-variants, and techniques to enhance and improve your gaming.

The Solo Wargamers Association, founded in 1976, is a loose grouping of soloists from around the world. Lone Warrior is our quarterly journal. This site also includes sample articles from Lone Warrior, as well as information on how to subscribe.

So, whether you are a veteran solo gamer or just thinking about wargaming alone, welcome! We hope you can both contribute to, and gain from, the Lone Warrior website and its associated Blog.


Solo Wargamers Association & Lone Warrior

 Founded March 1976

Founder and President: John Bennett

Co-Founder and Vice-President: George Heath

Co-Vice President: Jeff Bayton

Honorary member: Chris Constable


Lone Warrior Editor and Publication Manager: David Newport

Regular Contributors: Jonathan Aird, George Arnold, Michael Crane, Graham Empson, Paul Le Long, Rob Morgan, Marvin Scott, Steve Turner, Kevin White