Game Reports

This page has been created as a place for contributors’ game reports, including those that had previously been located on the Miscellaneous page. In an attempt to make the reports more accessible, they have been brought together here and have been reorganized by periods.

As with other pages on this web site, we’re always looking for new material. If you’ve written up one of your games and want to see it featured here, please send the material either through the Contact page directly to the blog, or to Website ManagerMaps and photos also will be enthusiastically received!

Newly added!! Report from the Vosges Mountains — Jim Rohrer describes an encounter between Prussians and Garibaldi’s troops supporting the French during the Franco-Prussian War. Added May 2020.


The Battle of Drepanum, 249 BC  — A replay of the naval battle between Romans and Carthaginians during the First Punic War. From March 2014.

The Governor’s Gamble — Chris Hahn’s report on his battle between Romans and Britons. From January 2014.

Alexander vs. Porus — Chris Hahn reports on a battle between Imperial Macedonians and Indians — with elephants! Added May 2014.

Three Weeks North of Londinium — Chris Hahn reports on a battle between Romans and Britons, using ‘Hail Caesar’ rules. With lots of photos. Added May 2013.

Chris Hahn re-fights Gaugamela, using the ‘Hail Caesar’ rules. Added July 2012.

Chris Hahn does a re-fight of a Charles Grant battle between Byzantines and Sassanid Persians, using “Hail Caesar” rules. See the Battle of Behistun, complete with color maps and photos. Added December 2011.


Allen Campbell reports on a clash between English and Scots in 1307, the Battle of Lannark Glenn. Added April 2012.

Here’s an original article by Chris Hahn on a non-historical tabletop battle between Vikings and Samurai. The article contains color maps of the action. Added August 2011.

Pike and Shot

2nd Fiddler’s Bottom report — Chris Hahn takes his own approach to a Charles Grant scenario set during the English Civil War. With Map 1, Map 2, Map 3 (Turn 6), and Map 4 (Turn 12). Added February 2013.

18th Century

Chris Hahn chronicles a re-fight on a Seven Years War battlefield. With color maps. Here’s Chris’s account of the second Battle of Mulhernberg. Added August 2011.


Ron Winkler and Milt Koger provide a report of their Napoleonic Peninsula battle. Added May 2012.

19th Century

The Battle of Adobe Walls — Godfrey Bailey reports on a game featuring U.S. cavalry and American Indians. Added June 2014.

A re-imagined Battle of Alma — Chris Hahn does some revising in this battle report, with lots of photos. Added January 2013.


Chris Hahn uses the “Black Powder” rules to game a British vs. Zulu engagement, the Battle of Magnuson’s Drift. With maps, a chart and photos. Added April 2012.

World War II

Kamikaze Attack battle report — Jonathan Aird reports on a battle using rules by Mike Crane and Paul Le Long. Added August 2016.