A gift for Troy?

By Rob Morgan

My memory being what it is, as in ageing, I try never to miss writing down any useful, or potentially useful, wargame material I come upon. This is an example.

Now, I don’t actually wargame a great deal in the Ancient World. I do have a number of small, oared fleets, of course, and readers may recall a couple of odd items which I’ve slipped in over the years — Cyclops, centaurs, that sort of thing, mostly mythical. I’m currently making a few notes on Xenophon’s Anabasis, and where Troy’s concerned, I’m hoping that at some stage I can write up a Trojan v Greek naval action or two, ignoring the literary limitations of Virgil’s Aeneid naturally.

This model, of course is something slightly different. Breathes there a wargamer who hasn’t heard of that unique piece of apparatus in siege history — the Trojan Horse? I doubt it. However, if there’s a manufacturer somewhere who makes one in a wargame scale, I don’t know of it. Please write in!

This model is sturdy, and well-made, I’ve seen one assembled. It’s all wood, and a foot long, about seven inches tall, with a rather roomy troop chamber and a big opening for egress. I think that with say 20 or so Greeks in 20/25mm or 28mm scale, it would make the centre-piece for a superb wargame. A display game would be particularly enhanced by the beast. Yes, I realise that it is very much a ‘one-off’ model, in a ‘one-off’ wargame, but at least you know now that it exists.

It’s available, by the way, from


and appears in their Winter and Christmas 2019 catalogue on page 42. It’s 20 pounds, not cheap by any means, but if you need one …

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Movie trailer for ‘Midway’

Here’s a trailer for the current movie about the World War II air/naval battle:


(Sorry, you’ll have to copy the link into your own browser to get to the trailer.)

I saw the movie this weekend and the CGI is quite amazing, well worth the ticket price for the spectacle alone. The individual stories, i.e. the script/writing, well … let just say that they struggle sometimes.  Nevertheless, the movie is something to see on a big screen.

–George Arnold

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Tabletop Gaming Live 2019 – a great new show in the UK

By Jonathan Aird

Tabletop Gaming Live is an oddity in the UK convention calendar – a two-day show run at a prestige venue, Alexandra Palace in London. It’s also quite a new addition to the list of annual events we enjoy as this was only the second year it has run. Unlike American multi-day conventions, this is very much Two Days of activities – Tabletop Gaming Live (TGL) opens at 10AM and closes its doors at 5PM – there are no organised evening activities. I’d originally planned to attend both days, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men – as it was, I was only able to make it on Sunday 29th September.

Having made the steep climb up the hill from Alexandra Palace rail station to Alexandra Palace itself, one is informed that a shuttle bus service runs to and from the station at regular intervals – worth knowing!

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Sad news for us all

Jeff Bayton, a Co-Vice President of the Solo Wargamers Association from its earliest days, informs us that Honorary Member Stuart Asquith passed away on November 4th. Among his many contributions to our hobby, Stuart was the author of The Partizan Press Guide to Solo Wargaming. May he rest in peace.


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New sample article: A Waterloo game

This month’s sample article from past issues of Lone Warrior is a description of a game designed by George Knapp to refight the Battle of Waterloo in a unique way.

It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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Another game report added

Another game reports has been added to this web site from the archives. This one features an ancient naval encounter recreating the Battle of Drepanum in 249 BC.

It’s on the Game Reports page.

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Game report added

Here’s an older after-action write-up from an earlier blog entry, now added to the Game Reports page. This one is a report of a game between Romans and Ancient Britons fought using the Impetus rules.

Click here to go to the Game Reports page.

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Simple Horse and Musket rules added

The latest rules to be added to this blog are George Arnold’s Horse and Musket rules, with movement and combat factors for Napoleonics and for the American Civil War.

They’re on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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Sample article for this month added

There’s a new sample article now available, this one by Mike Crane who designed a game featuring Star Wars X-wing, Tie fighters and bombers attacking each other’s mother ships. Rules, an after-action report and designs for paper spacecraft.

It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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Warhammer Conquest partworks review

Jonathan Aird finds some bargains with Warhammer Conquest partworks, which include a weekly magazine, one or more figures and other accessories.

His review, along with photos, is on the Reviews page.

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