A gun for all seasons

(Rob Morgan submits the following.)

Of course, not all science fiction modeling is ships, spaceships and stuff like that. I have this habit of acquiring odds and sods of old kits and bargains when I’m in model shops and at shows. This is one of them. It’s a gun … well, obviously. It was actually a sort of .3 Browning machine gun sold as an add-on to the old Action Man toys.

An 'all-purpose' gun made from various bits and pieces.

The gun was a bit knocked about, but the barrel and casing were fine, so I cemented the lot together, and looked for a base to cement it on. The base is an old 1/12th Airfix historical figure base, about four inches square. The gun’s just over seven inches long, by the way. I added a few cogs, wheels and small radomes for various unspecified purposes, and that was about it. I sprayed it Humbrol desert yellow overall, which happened to be to hand, and added detail in red and brass and the odd splash of green or black.

The question of scale has never arisen with this mighty thunderpiece, as I deliberately avoided any scale trap. Yes, the two sort of “Doctor Who” Time Lords standing in front of it are 28mm scale, but you can crowd a very interesting mass of 15mm, even 10mm, gunners on the platform, or a couple of 20mm chaps. The gun can be useful in coastal defence or as a sort of “Gerald Bull” Iraqi long-range weapon. Or an anti-space a/a gun. Anything really.

— Rob

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  1. Jeff Chorney says:

    Hey Rob thanks for posting. It’s a nice change from the regular sorts/stuff. I like your creativity here … Jeff

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