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Pea Ridge revisited

By George Arnold Recently, I had an opportunity to take my almost 11-year-old grandson on a driving tour of the Pea Ridge battlefield. He’s already showing a serious interest in history, and we had planned this trip long before the … Continue reading

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More Napoleonic figures finished

By George Arnold Last month, I wrote about painting up some Napoleonic figures for the British Peninsular war. I’d finished several stands at the time and promptly ordered some more to finish off the army. Those figures are finished now … Continue reading

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Latest painting project: Peninsular British

By George Arnold During these days of social distancing (isn’t that what solo gamers have been doing all along?), I’ve had plenty of extra time to take on some new painting projects. Not long ago, inspired by a renewed interest … Continue reading

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Movie trailer for ‘Midway’

Here’s a trailer for the current movie about the World War II air/naval battle: (Sorry, you’ll have to copy the link into your own browser to get to the trailer.) I saw the movie this weekend and the CGI … Continue reading

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A sample article for September

This month’s offering from past Lone Warriors is “Blockade Runner.” In the article, Jeffrey G. Chorney explains his own design for a board/miniatures game set during the American Civil War. It’s on the Sample Articles page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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Review of HALO Urban Warthog model

Jonathan Aird likes this model of a lightly armed and armored fighting vehicle. The review is on the Reviews page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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A Jack Scruby catalogue from early 1970s

Rich Barbuto takes a look back at a Jack Scruby catalogue from the early 1970s. Scruby, one of the founders of the hobby, especially in the U.S., was producing a wide variety of figures in many eras and sizes, long … Continue reading

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Battleships at Okinawa 1945

By Rob Morgan (This is a note I wrote for the Naval Wargames Society newsletter recently. I thought it might be of interest to one or two SWA members who fight the Pacific Campaigns, and have wargamed the sea fight … Continue reading

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A new sample article

Kevin White provides this month’s sample article from previous number of Lone Warrior. “A House Divided” is a rule set focused on the English Civil War, and the article features photos of his paper soldier armies of the period. It’s … Continue reading

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Nothing on D-Day?

By Rob Morgan One of the things I anticipated, what with it being the 75th anniversary and all that, was a rash of material, notes, photos, comments, ideas for wargames, etc, etc, about D-Day in the Blog thing. Nothing. Nothing … Continue reading

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