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20mm Austrian WWI plastic figures review

Rob Morgan likes this HaT set of figures and finds a number of ways that they can be useful in gaming. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Solo wargames articles in other publications

By Rob Morgan In several of the diverse publications, newsletters and the few e-blogs, etc., for which I write, members regularly send in news of the publication of articles specific to the relevant field of interest. Castle and ordnance enthusiasts … Continue reading

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‘Prince Emsah’s Guard rules

Here’s another entry for the  Complete Rule Sets page. These rules are by Bob Stewart and involve a search of a mummy’s tomb. It’s all played out with simple rules — suitable for play with the kiddos — and uses simple … Continue reading

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French postcards

By Rob Morgan This summer, staying in the walled medieval town of Dinan in Brittany, I had the opportunity to wander around some of the medieval-oriented bookshops and, in a tiny courtyard shop found a range of postcards, all with … Continue reading

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Gaming the Northfield bank robbery (1876)

This month’s sample article from past issues of Lone Warrior magazine is an old one, from 1988! It’s by long-time contributor Marvin Scott and has notes and suggestions for gaming the Northfield, Minnesota, bank raid by the James and Younger … Continue reading

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Who remembers “A Game of War?’

By Rob Morgan Sorting through some ancient videotapes, destined for disposal, I found, along with the kids’ “Postman Pat” and”My Little Pony,” a long forgotten and damaged tape. In my own barely legible hand it reads…. “A Game of War”  … Continue reading

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Rules for WWI air combat added

Here’s another addition to the rules page: Kevin White’s rules for aerial combat in World War I. They’re on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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Review of ‘Zama 202 BC’ (Osprey)

Jonathan Aird finds some problems in this new Osprey Campaign book about the climactic battle of the Second Punic War. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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No. 204 is on the way!

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is due for mailing in the next few days. Watch your in-boxes. Meanwhile, here’s a quick preview of the contents: “Spanish-U.S. War rules,” byPrisco Hernandez and George Knapp, with an introduction by Rich Barbuto, … Continue reading

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The Mortier de 58T No. 2

By Rob Morgan It’s a fair bet that no US reader examining these photographs will recognise this World War I trench mortar. It’s one of the standard Allied types of the war, used all along the Western Front, and in … Continue reading

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