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Review of ‘River Plate 1939’ (Osprey)

Jonathan Aird reviews an offering from the Osprey Campaign series, this one on the naval campaign and battle between the German pocket battleship Graf Spee and the British forces assigned to destroy her. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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South China Sea scenarios

By Rob Morgan A while ago, I looked for the first time in years at my old 1/1200th scale Peoples Liberation Army Navy (Chinese Navy) flotillas. Beyond the idea of wargaming the Chinese Civil War, which did in fact have … Continue reading

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Pirate ship card naval wargames by Wizkids

By Rob Morgan Another odd purchase, at a pound a pack in a local shop — from the seriously discounted bin, known as ‘The Lost Hope.’ Something I honestly don’t remember featuring in any of the model or games (or … Continue reading

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Uboot kickstarter

By Kevin Duke Are you following the UBOOT: The Boardgame kickstarter? It looks like a real a “deep dive” into the tactics and operations of the U-boats in early World War 2. This cooperative game puts 1-4 players in key … Continue reading

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No Contraband!

By Rob Morgan I originally wrote this for the Naval Wargames Society’s Newsletter. But it may be of interest to US readers of the blog. (“No Contraband!” is the motto on a German World War I commemorative medal issued for … Continue reading

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War in the East 1941: What ifs?

By Rob Morgan After a swift excursion to Stalingrad via Anthony Beevor’s excellent book, I dipped in to John Erickson’s great work “The Road to Stalingrad,” kept my snow boots on and now I’m deep into it. Page 295 describes … Continue reading

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The most useless warship in history?

By Rob Morgan My 1/1200th-scale ACW fleets don’t get anything like the use they did 20 years ago. Now, I tend to use the 1/600th-scale models of Peter Pig with a few American-made Thoroughbreds thrown in, the latter for the … Continue reading

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On Eastern rivers and lakes

By Rob Morgan My Ostfront naval flotillas are, for the most part, 1n 1/300th scale, and range from the old Skytrex landing craft and gunboats to the newest acquisition, the Zvezda Russian-made armoured river boat shown here. It’s a new … Continue reading

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Yes! You can wargame with almost anything!

By Rob Morgan The photograph is of a small wargame I prepared several years ago, to use at an ‘open day,’ simply to illustrate the ease with which a wargame can be created. Several other demonstrations chose to show off … Continue reading

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A sample article to start the month

This month’s sample article from the Lone Warrior archives is by regular contributor Jonathan Aird and features his ideas on setting up a Lepanto galley game. Lots of good ideas! It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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