Lucky Toys: Dracula

By Rob Morgan

This range of 20/25mm plastic figures is greatly under-rated, possibly because they are quite hard to find. But scouring the land for some unusual Eastern Medieval warriors, I came upon Set TL0011, called “Vlad Tepes.” Altogether, 34 figures and 8 horses in good quality plastic and well posed too.

The name is 14th century Wallachian or Transylvanian (hint!) and these are Dracula’s warriors — probably the best way to explain it — and the set includes a contemporary Count in excellent armour and plumed helm. The Medieval uses of these models aside, sadly there are only 8 foot types and 2 cavalry, so a decent force isn’t really possible, only maybe a raiding or skirmish group; but the axeman and archer figures have much wider potential.

There’s an odd figure too…it may well appeal to the Fantasy wargamer, it’s the Count in modern opera dress, cloak, bow tie and all, arms spread wide. I’ve never seen a Dracula wargame figure before, but then I’ve never needed one. However, someone might, and this is where to find it.

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  1. JAird says:

    Hmm… maybe the Lord of the Undead would like to lead an army of zombies….pirate zombies that is !

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